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the attack including at least two children. nbc's chris pollone is in boston for us this morning with the latest. chris, good day to you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, richard. we're obviously watching several developments today, monday, in this rapidly evolving investigation. now, as you mentioned, there are still dozens of people recovering in boston hospitals from their injuries they sustained a week ago in this bombing. the latest information we have is that 52 people are being treated. at least 3 of them are in critical condition. other developments going on today, there will be a moment of silence at 2:50 this afternoon, the exact time that the bombs went off. that moment of silence will be followed by the ringing of church bells away for folks here in boston to remember and memorialize the victims who died and were injured in this attack. another thing that we will be watching for is the possible filing of charges against the 19-year-old suspect. as you mentioned, he has been communicating with his interrogators through writing, though it's not clear at this point exact
's" chris pollone is in
nbc's chris pollone joins us. the police just shutdown that entire city. >> reporter: i'm in boston on the boston common about eight miles from watertown just off to my west a little bit. we're right in the center of where everything is shut down. now, this is the boston common. it is by definition the gathering place of the city of boston. has been for 400 years now. right now, there is not a soul on the boston common. usually, you would see joggers, people walking their dogs. a lot of activity. it is absolutely desolate, almost like a sunday morning in the city of boston. police have stopped taxi cabs from picking up fairs. there is no public transportation in eastern massachusetts at all, what we call the "t" hoor ere in boston shout down. the governor is asking people in the city of boston to shelter in place, stay in their homes, lock their doors, don't answer their doors for anyone because of the manhunt going on over in watertown. police believe the last remaining suspect, the 19-year-old, the person you saw in those fbi videos pictured with the white hat on, they believe he
identified. marine one was attending multi-faith prayer service in boston. "today in the bay's" chris pollone live in boston with a look at the day of prayer and reflection. >> reporter: we are expecting to see the president and first lady arrive within the hour, 11:00 local time, the prayer service will begin at a boston cathedral not far from the bombing scene. it is a day of prayer, comfort, reflection. meanwhile, behind the scenes, the fbi is trying to figure out who two men are who responded on surveillance video. they want to know who they are and question them. in boston, wednesday night, an emotional outpouring of pride and resilience, thousands of fans at boston gardens singing the national anthem as one, embracing the motto, boston strong. the slice of normal capping a chaotic day that saw investigators hone in on a possible suspect and an evacuation of a bomb threat. a significant break in the case came tuesday. department surveillance video captured images of a man leaving a bag or backpack at a spot where the bomb went off. it is pictures like this one helping investigators zero
that search warrant being executed. live in boston, chris pollone, back to you. >> chris, we understand there is going to be a news conference soon. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right. police say their regularly scheduled update after last night will be happening athe 9:30 eastern coming up here just about an hour and a half now. we expect to hear a lot more from police about what happened overnight with regards to this investigation. also, some updates on the conditions of those victims. more than 140 were treated. some eight are still in critical condition as far as we know. there were three fatalities. >> chris pollone, live from boston, thank you. >>> in the wake of the boston tragedy, organizers of sunday's london marathon are reviewing their security. they say the event will not be canceled but they are working closely with london's metropolitan police to secure the race route. the head of the marathon says several contingency plans are in place but did not reveal any specific security measures >>> 5:04. the number of bay area runners and their families witnessed firs
us on the condition. we begin with chris pollone live in boston where some areas near the blast zone remain sealed off as a crime scene. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. that's right, copley square, about six blocks remain closed. police and the city have announced the plan to return that to the people that live and work there, over the next week or so. we are starting to see some new information. we got a new picture from the revere, massachusetts, police department which shows the condition of that boat that the 19-year-old suspect was hiding in on friday afternoon and evening. you may remember some of the dramatic youtube video of police opening fire on that boat. police say they found 200 shell casings out there. obviously, the boat has sustained a ton of damage when that incident went down and police went in and were able to capture that suspect. as for him, he is in the hospital this morning. the hospital just released a statement saying he remains in serious but stable condition. yesterday, police say he was in no condition to talk, specially because he has
friends. that's the story from boston. chris pollone, nbc news. >>> tonight, the boston bruins return to the garden to play for the first time since the bombings. monday night's game was canceled as a precaution. this is the first time they'll take the ice since the blast. extra security will be at the arena. the celtics game was also canceled monday. next game the celtics play at home will be a playoff game next week. >>> young local victim of that blast will undergo surgery. 11-year-old aaron martinez still in intensive care, waiting for his mother to cross that finish line. his grandmother tells us things were so chaotic there, the ambulance took him away before his parntds could join him. they then had to walk hospital to hospital, trying to track him down. aaron's classmates have started a collection to help the family pay for medical expenses. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from aaron's father. >> our own terry mcsweeney is in boston, getting the latest details on the investigation. he will have live reports for us all morning long at 6:00. as always, we'll continue to follow d
will be stronger than ever before, i think. >> reporter: it is a town unbroken by events of the past week. chris pollone, nbc news, boston. >>> federal and state authorities are now trying to sort out where the surviving suspect should be tried and what charges he should face. since dzhokhar tsarnaev is a u.s. citizen, he should have the rights any other u.s. citizen should have. others think he should be considered an enemy combatant and tried by a tribunal. he could face charges that carry a possible death penalty sentence. there are growing questions about the second suspect, his older brother. officials say he was flagged by the fbi two years ago on potential ties to radical groups. lawmakers are asking how he slipped through the cracks? >> i want to know how the fbi or the system dropped the ball when he was identified as a potential terrorist. if it was a mistake or if the laws are insufficient or the fbi failed. we are at war with radical islamists and we need to up our gram. game. >> they interviewed him and found nothing significant. he spent six months in russia before returning to the
in on a suspect. chris pollone joins us. >> reporter: a big day for healing and comfort for the people in boston, anxious to see some sort of an arrest. the president and the first lady will land in ban hour for ar inter-faith prayer vigil. the president is expected to speak toward the end of the service. this is a time obviously of great tension. people in boston wanting to see some sort of break. it appears one big break happened yesterday. that is rights tell nbc news that they have honed in on a potential suspect spotted in a surveillance camera video that was taken from a department store across the street from where the second bomb went off. authorities tell nbc news that they have sfotpotted a man on h cell phone in that video. he appears to put down a black backpack or duffle back on to the ground. they have said before that it appears that both bombs were placed inside some sort of black nylon backpack. that's how they are tying this person to the scene. the next is to try and identify who that person is, where he might be, where he may have come from, who he is tied to. that's what we
. i'm chris pollone, now, back to you. >>> nbc news is reporting the suspects are brothers from russia near the region close to chechnya. a 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev. the surviving suspect is this guy on the right here, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. the two had been living in this country for at least ten years. the fbi released video and pictures of the suspects seen carrying backpacks believed to have contain explosives. the man in the dark cap is dead. the man in the white hat is still at-large >>> we are hearing from an eyewitness in watertown. andrew kitzenberg being evacuated from his home. he said he saw two men taking cover behind an suv firing shots at officer 70-80 yards down the street. he also saw the men using explosives. >> i was about 35, 40 feet away. it looked to resemble a pressure cooker, what i've seen from other pictures online in the last few days. i saw them light this bomb. they threw it toward the officers. it only got maybe 15-20 yards down. it wasn't very close to the officers. it really created a significant decoy. there was smoke that covered our entir
. nbc's chris pollone has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: in dorchester, massachusetts, tuesday night -- >> we come together, trusting in your love and your care for martin. >> reporter: prayer and candlelight. a show of support for an 8-year-old boy, martin richard, who died watching his dad run the boston marathon. his mother and sister are still recovering in local hospitals, the boy's death shaking this tight-knit community to its core. >> makes you sick and angry at the same time, you know. ♪ >> reporter: not far away, hundreds gathered on boston commons, trying to make sense of the senseless together. they prayed for healing and honored the memories of the victims. among them, 29-year-old krystal campbell, whose mother spoke tearfully about her in front of their medford home. >> she was always smiling. you couldn't ask for a better daughter. >> reporter: continuing processing the 12-block crime scene, one calling the most complex boston police have ever seen. fbi showing the first pictures of the devices used in monday's attack, pressure cookers packed with gun
their respects and to leave mementos at that makeshift memorial. that's the story in boston. i'm chris pollone, back to you, betty. >>> five were shot in a washington state apartment complex. it happened in federal way around 9:30 local time last night. one suspect was shot and killed by a responding officer, so far, the motive is still unknown. >>> residents in the midwest today are fighting deadly spring flooding, which is being blamed for three deaths. two people were killed when trucks were swept off indiana roads by flash flooding and one died in missouri where towns along the mississippi like clarksville are trying desperately to hold back the rising water. >> it came very fast. faster than '08, and we don't have the help we had in '08 so everyone is pulling together and doing the best they can. >> we're not out of the woods. well, if we have rain up north or that quick snow melt, we're going to see higher levels yet. >> well, the river is expected to crest today in clarksville at 11 feet over flood stage, and the town is hoping the sandbags will be high enough. let's check in with bill
as far as we know. >> nbc's chris pollone from boston. thanks. >>> will, the fact that the alleged bombers were born overseas is shaping the discussion over immigration. republican senator chuck grassley says congress needs to take a step back in the debate. to ensure the nation's security comes first. comments were he echoed by dan co coates on sunday. >> how can we beef up security checks on people who wish to enter the united states? how do we ensure that people who wish to do us harm are not eligible for benefits under the immigration laws including this new bill before us? >> usually end up with bad policy if you do it in an international way or reaction. we saw some things post-9/11 that were enacted if we had more time to think this through, perhaps we wouldn't have had some of the pushback on it. >> senator chuck schumer a member of the gang of eight says immigration overhaul would actually strengthen national security and challenged critics to prove otherwise. >> certainly keeping the status quo was not a very good argument given what happened. there are some, some on the
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13